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The core of commercial staffing revolves around office cleaning services. While this is a traditional service for corporate locations around the world, Building Services of America (BSA) offers modern cleaning solutions for facilities of all types. We are office cleaners that specialize in cleaning and disinfecting office units, as well as bathrooms and common areas. We also have the ability to deep clean your facilities and we only use green cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly. For cost-effective commercial office staffing in the new age of cleaning, connect with BSA.

Office Cleaning Services

A dirty or unkept office can cause delays and lost production time. BSA will handle your office cleaning so you can get back to working on what makes you successful. Our cleaning professionals have the ability to provide office cleaning services for your office buildings, including:

Woman cleans conference room windows while a man is using a floor cleaner to clean carpets

Our team will work with you to create an office cleaning schedule that meets your needs. We can even supply emergency services, transforming a cluttered office into a pristine location to showcase for clientele.

Man wearing blue overalls mopping a clean floor, either a janitor or cleaning professional.

Ongoing Janitorial Services

For commercial office spaces, services are tailored to each client’s requirements. BSA employees are chosen and placed on site based on your specifications, and we provide janitorial services that fit your pre-determined schedules.

We can clean and inspect the functional elements of your office space on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our janitorial services are also performed by our own staff, not outsourced assistance, as we are an independently owned and operated company. 

Bathroom Cleaning Services

A disgusting bathroom that is not well-kept is an easy turnoff for any prospect or client. We keep your restrooms sanitized for appearances and patron safety.

Our staff will clean bathrooms often, replace necessary toiletries, and coordinate with you for any sewage issues or system malfunctions that may arise.

Empty, modern men's bathroom with black countertops, a large mirror, clean sinks, and a combination of stalls and urinals.

Additional Services for Commercial Offices

BSA proudly provides commercial office cleaning services that are efficient and effective. These are just one part of our full suite of facility staffing services. We can supply a wide variety of additional individuals to supply services that support your offices, such as:

With every service we provide, BSA develops lasting relationships that enhance your commercial office experience.

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In today’s world, there is a high demand for office cleaning services. BSA has the resources to ensure your office is meticulously cared for. We don’t offer cookie-cutter services – you have a complete arsenal of cleaning and support options available. Connect with us and set your commercial office up for success at a cost that fits your budget and requirements.