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Professional Services

Building Services of America (BSA) is a trusted provider of staffing services and solutions for a wide variety of industries. From commercial properties with numerous floors, to organizational and institutional facilities with extensive components, our professional services are available for clients with needs of all kinds. Our ability to clean, maintain, and staff complex buildings is what gives us the competitive advantage and no job is complete until your customer satisfaction in ensured.

High-Rise Buildings

Large office buildings, known to many as “skyscrapers,” require extensive coverage from professional staffing organizations. Daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning must be completed to keep building employees and patrons safe from germs and bacteria. Maintenance of building systems and management oversight is also a necessity for continued operations and safety.

BSA provides all of the needed services that high-rise buildings require. We have more than 20 years of experience working within skyscrapers with numerous floors, offices, or apartment units. 

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Some of the types of buildings that we serve include:

We provide general janitorial services, carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and floor care, as well as temporary or seasonal relief to keep your high-rises clean.

Our teams will also keep your buildings secure with solutions like door staff and concierge services and maintenance staffing that supports safe work and living environments.

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Food & Processing

The food we consume and products we use require clean preparation facilities to avoid contamination. We keep your industry-specific food or processing areas spotless.

Turn to the experts at BSA for the competitive advantage. BSA specializes in plant sanitation and can deep clean your facilities, avoiding delays that cost time and money in industries revolving around food production. Additionally, we clean and oversee the facility needs at manufacturing and processing facilities for a wide variety of industries.


Safeguarding the learning environments for our children and at higher education institutions is always top of mind at BSA. We serve numerous school environments, including K-12 buildings, district offices, colleges and universities, and other educational facilities.

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Financial Services

Corporate clients in the financial industry have a partner for cleanliness and facility management. BSA carefully assists your teams by working with you and your technology in the fast-paced environment of financial services.

Additionally, we ensure that you always have an environment to work in that is prepared for efficiency. We can supply financial services buildings (and all the facilities we serve) with a building engineer to oversee ongoing planning, maintenance, and repair, avoiding malfunctions or unnecessary outages.

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No matter your industry, the highly-experienced team at BSA has the staffing solutions you need to keep your facilities in top operation.