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Our expert staff is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring the success of your community.

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Property Management Staffing Solutions

Do you need trustworthy, organized, and experienced people for your multi-family and managed association facilities? Building Services of America (BSA) has the individuals that meet these criteria. We provide exceptional staffing of properties and our staff become a part of your team. From the door and front desk to overseeing the entire operations of your property, BSA has the property management staffing you need for smooth daily operations.

Staffing a Multi-family Property

At a multi-family and managed association property where tenants come first, your staffing is an integral part of the resident experience. To operate effectively, the right people must make up your community.

BSA takes that experience seriously for every position we staff at your facility. Whether your residents require increased cleaning services or if they have special schedule requirements for access and entry, we have the ability to make a positive difference in their lives.

Staffing services available, include:

Our trained staff are experts in completing these services and cultivating positive relationships with your team and tenants. They will take care of every need, from pressure washing to assisting residents with their daily tasks. We even provide emergency services for last minute needs. The best part? Services are provided first-hand and with a smile – guaranteed.

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Property Management Operations

Quality service starts from the top down at BSA. The multi-family and managed association residences that we work with benefit from having a dedicated team of property management professionals on hand. These experts provide support for the property in an efficient and productive manner, without disturbing building residents.

Our core property management team consists of:

  • A Building Engineer – to oversee ongoing facility projects, communicate with your administration, and to have an updated knowledge of code requirements.
  • Maintenance Staffing – to complete routine and preventative maintenance, as well as necessary repairs and installations.

Creating a Welcoming Experience

No matter what level of staffing is required for your residential facility, BSA team members cultivate a personal, memorable experience for every resident, family member, and prospective tenant. Our staff have more than just the tactical skills to complete a task; it is about connecting with residents of multi-family properties who often need that sense of friendship and support to feel at home.
We train to provide positive, welcoming experiences for all, so your brand grows and your property is known for its hospitality to patrons.

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Staff your multi-family and managed association facilities with people who care about the quality of both the work and service they provide. At BSA, we accept nothing less from our team and look forward to working with your personnel to provide an exceptional experience for residents.